“The birth of Richard was a momentous event. Sadly, I missed the whole thing.”
—My mom’s obstetrician

We moved to Florida soon after. Due to Richard’s incessant crying, the trip south went south very fast.”
—My brother

“He grew up in a home on a two-acre lot. He had two horses, a cow, thirty-five chickens, and a lot of ringworm.”

“At our eighth grade dance, he asked me to dance with him. I said no.”
—Middle school crush

“At 5’6,” Richard’s height is below average. His fitness, on the other hand… also below average.”
—My physician

“His favorite book is Slaughterhouse Five. His least-favorite book is IRS Form 1040: Instructions. Richard reads both every year.”
—Friends who know me well

“Richard teached English in Sarp’i, village where there is Georgia border and Turkey border, in 2010. He was good teacher.”
—One of my former students

“He needs to floss. Strong bite, though.”
—My dentist